5 Reasons Why

A Healthy Scalp and Hair Begins With Super Grow Revitalizing Balm


Promotes Healthy Scalp and Hair

Beautiful hair starts at the scalp, and that’s why Super Grow-Scalp Revitalizing Balm should be the foundational product in your hair care routine. It invigorates the scalp to relieve irritation, inspire healthy circulation, and promote sustained results.


Transforms Your Hair With Vital Nutrients

Transform the health of your hair with just one product! Featuring a blend of essential oils, vitamins and nutrients, Super Grow Revitalizing Balm helps heal split ends, treats dullness and stimulates the scalp to improve hair strength and promote healthy hair.


From The #1 Black Beauty Brand According To Yahoo News

Hollywood Hair Bar is hailed as the number one black beauty brand in the world by Yahoo News, so you can be sure Super Grow-Scalp Revitalizing Balm is made from the best in the business. Not only that, Hollywood Hair Bar remains in the top 1% of all online stores. There’s never been a safer bet on who to trust with your beauty needs.


Made With Powerful, High-Quality and All-Natural Ingredients

Super Grow Revitalizing balm features a blend of all natural and effective ingredients tea tree oil, jojoba oil and mint crystals to promote healthy hair -so you never have to worry about any irritation or adverse reactions.


Personalized For YOU At A Great Price

You can save BIG on the Super Grow-Scalp Revitalizing Balm thanks to Hollywood Hair Bar’s email subscription service. By signing up, you’ll get access to exclusive discounts AND tips from celebrity hairstylists. Starting at $16.99, Super Grow-Scalp Revitalizing Balm offers premium quality beauty at a price affordable to everyone.